Who Cares About Comments?

According to AdAge’s Stat of the Day, 63% of readers are not enticed by the comments feature on news websites.

If you look at the age breakdown, it’s pretty clear that age is directly proportional to how much you want to read other people’s smartass comments on headlines like these (teehee).

Well, it makes sense–Gen-Y’ers are used to the hype becoming news itself. We’re just as interested in the reaction as we are to the actual story, and we’ve been conditioned to expect an online dialogue with every post.

Another possible theory: are we just that much more impressionable? Confidence, and often stubborness, is earned with age. We might be looking to others’ comments to validate our own views. After all, we now have unprecedented access to other peoples’ opinions from around the world, so we might be checking to see if our views align with others’ views.

That’s not to say that we can’t think for ourselves as a result–if anything, it’s encouraging to see that we value other peoples’ perspectives. Or maybe we’re just looking for some good punch lines.

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