Fine Tuning Social Media Consumption

Today Facebook announced the addition of the new subscribe button: a feature that allows users to get activity updates without actually being friends with someone. Users will also be able to choose which specific types of updates they will see.

It just points to how overwhelming social content has become–if you have more than a few hundred friends, it becomes difficult to keep up with your inner circle, because that girl you had one class with junior year posts updates about her cats’ eating habits every 17 minutes.

Facebook knows that users are getting frustrated with sifting through all this content on an all-or-nothing basis. While the new button only applies to personal profiles and not pages (ie brands and businesses), digital marketers need to take note that consumers are going to get used to being able to fine tune what kind of content is delivered to them. It’s just another reminder that it’s quality and definitely NOT quantity that people are looking for–multiple updates clogging Facebook feeds are more of a deterrent than a valuable branding tool.

After all, life imitates Facebook; what users get used to on the ubiquitous time waster, they will demand in the rest of their digital lives.

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