Happy National Introverts Day!

I’m not sure why today is National Introverts Day, but I’m glad it is! It seems the interwebz has been bringing this much misunderstood personality type to light lately (see also: Resting Bitchface Syndrome).

When people aren’t sure what you’re thinking–a sure sign an introvert–they often fill in the blanks with whatever makes the most sense to them. And unfortunately SOME people are insecure jerks, so they assume that you’re rude, stuck up, or harshly judging them. But that’s (usually) not the case! Introverts just like thinking before they speak. (Actually, we prefer thinking to speaking, in general.) Some people see “different” as negative, and thus we get a bad rap.

But enough about the haters. Introverts can be even better equipped for lots of jobs, like social media. I know, anything with the word “social” doesn’t sound too introvert-y, but I think of “social media” as a bit of a misnomer anyway. It’s social in the sense that you’re connecting with others, but in a much more controlled medium than traditional face to face interactions. The digital veil allows us to carefully craft our image, whether it be for friends or potential customers. Both individuals and brands put a lot of forethought into communication on social media. Sounds a lot like how introverts operate, hmmm?

And on the internet, no one knows if you’re a dog or an introvert or 5 years old. The written word is where introverts can shine, because the playing field is leveled; those with clear, well-thought out comments have the advantage.

Plus introverts are great at listening and monitoring, and think carefully before speaking or posting, avoiding PR nightmares. And we love digging deeper and finding the “why” behind behavior, like why traffic is up this week, or why that post got ten times as many comments as the last. We’ve kind of been forced to think about this stuff for most of our lives, as we try to navigate a world of pushy extroverts and figure out how others, and ourselves, tick.

So give an introvert a hug today. Actually…maybe just send a nice email.

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