Thanks For My New Butt, YouTube!

I’m starting to think YouTube is better than actual TV. What’s on? OH, EVERYTHING. For example, I love Food Wishes for super simple, no-frills, easy to follow recipes. For silly, brain-break stuff, I love Smoothie Freak, Pleated Jeans, and even Jenna Marbles–despite the fact that I am about 10 years older than her average audience member.

But my faaavorite thing about YouTube lately is the exercise videos. I’m getting married in a few short weeks (eek!), so I guess you could say I’m a little image-obsessed. Okay, more than a little. But now that I’ve upped my workouts to every day, the same pilates/yoga/piloga routines get tiresome. Once you’ve memorized not only the moves but the instructor’s inane commentary and voice inflection, it’s time to mix it up. My favorite butt-whoopin, tummy tuckin’ channels are:


A great ab routine from Tone It Up

Tone It Up: If you’re like me and have a crippling addiction to bad reality TV, you might recognize trainers Karena and Katrina from their show on Bravo, “Toned Up.” Their YouTube channel features short workout videos (ranging from 5-30 minutes) that are much more useful and practical than the reality show, which was pretty much a compilation of them giggling and occasionally looking confused. Their cues and instructions are easy to follow and decidedly un-annoying; there’s not too much fluff and commentary around the workouts. And they group their videos by playlists: total body, arms, thighs, etc., so finding exactly the kind of routine you want is super easy. Plus, they serve as motivation themselves–if I can end up looking anything like them, sign me up!

Blogilates: (Don’t you love a good fitness neologism?) Similar in format to Tone It Up, fitness instructor Cassey Ho delivers short, targeted routines than can be done in your living room with little to no equipment. Though this one might require a slightly higher tolerance for cheerleader pep and megawatt smiles, especially as you’re sweating and grimacing through a tough ab routine. She caters her videos to common trouble areas that most women like to focus on, and mixes it up so you’re never doing the same exercise twice.

BeFit: This seems too good to be true–DVDs from Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, and others, in full, on YouTube, for free? They have everything from yoga to dance to cardio to “bootcamp.” You probably won’t find new releases on here, but your glutes don’t know what year it is, right?

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