Sweet (or Savory) Tat, Bro

I’m pretty anti-tattoo. I won’t judge you if you have one, but I don’t need to advertise that I’m a free spirit by permanently etching a butterfly above my butt crack, or an esoteric Chinese symbol that may or may not translate to “obscure assailant” on my bicep.

tattooBut I LOVE the idea of recipes as tattoos—the kind that wash off, anyway. I Tradizionali created a series of just that: temporary tattoos of Italian recipes that can be applied to your forearm for easy reference.

Practical? Not exactly—there’s this thing called The Internet that can provide thousands of recipes for free. But hey, are real tattoos practical? At least these won’t severely limit your job prospects or cost thousands of dollars to laser off.

I think it’s a fun way to show off your foodie pride, and it would be a great conversation starter. I even think permanently tattooing an old family recipe as a commemoration would be a cool idea—it beats the hell out of those creepy tattoo portraits. Hmm…how much real estate do you think I’d need for a Whoopie Pie recipe?

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